Abandoned Children’s Fund

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Santa Rosa, CA 95403
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EIN: 20-5967513

Abandoned Children’s Fund’s purpose is to rescue and restore the individuality and dignity of abandoned children through our hearts, arms and programs. Our households give abandoned children a path forward in their struggle for wholeness. They have food to eat, clean water to drink, a bed to sleep in and responsible adults with heartfelt love for them to grow and develop in. Along with the basic human daily needs of orphans, we work to build a worthwhile tomorrow, including the provision of an education, vocational training and mentoring, so that they have meaningful hopes for a brighter future. While these children had been abandoned, they are like any other child in the world. They like to play, enjoy an education and know they have dependable family relationships. They have survived longing for the day when they would have a good family to belong to where love is felt, where there is understanding and where there is the security of daily meals and no more fear and loneliness. Now, because of you, they get to enjoy it.

Abandoned Children Struggle For Survival!
Abandonment is a very distinct affliction that strikes children when poverty and disease prevail.

Abandoned children are the most helpless and most frequent victims of violence, disease, malnutrition and death. Without the support from their families, these children are exposed to the frightening dangers of abduction and sexual exploitation.

Shockingly, there are over 20 million homeless or abandoned children in the world today – a majority of them are orphans.

Many of these orphans have been traumatized by witnessing the ruthless murder of their parents or by helplessly watching them die of AIDS or starvation. Alone, with no one to raise them, abandoned children must resort to eating any scraps available and wandering the streets.

Emotionally and physically scarred, the future for these orphans is a bleak reminder of lost hope.

Abandoned Children’s Fund has not forgotten these helpless children and orphans.

We devote our time and effort to building schools, medical clinics, feeding programs and children’s homes that have become sanctuaries of love, laughter and hope rather than despair.

These are the Abandoned Children we seek to serve.