Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

1010 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02119
tel: (617) 445-1010
EIN: 04-2106765

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries (Goodwill) is an organization with a century-long legacy of helping people transform their lives through work. Headquartered in Boston, Goodwill serves individuals who face barriers to self-sufficiency, including physical and/or developmental disabilities, homelessness, low educational attainment, limited job skills and welfare dependency. Goodwill pioneered the innovative concept of operating a thrift store business in order to provide job training, paid work opportunities, and low-cost quality goods to the community. By providing a hand up, not a hand out, Goodwill helps people help themselves. Last year, Goodwill served nearly 8,000 people and 265 communities in eastern and central Massachusetts.